Pricing and Terms of Sale

The prices for yaks and pigs depend on market conditions. Please contact us for availability and current prices, to place an order, or to receive other information.

Our prices may be slightly higher than those of livestock raised at large, commercial operations because of the high quality of our stock, the high quality of the feed they receive, and the expenses we incur to ensure a humane and healthy environment for our livestock. Also, our ranch hands are paid well. Nevertheless, we do maintain competitive prices.

In special circumstances, we sell our livestock at below cost to children with fiscal constraints who want to raise a farm animal (e.g., in a 4-H club) or to financially strapped families. These circumstances are infrequent, decided on a case-by-case basis, and confidential.

Terms of Sale
Please be read ALL policies BEFORE purchase.

  • We prefer cash but do accept checks after obtaining adequate personal information.  We do not accept credit cards.
  • We sell and ship only healthy animals.  All animals are sold healthy and “as is”.  We do not warranty animals.  To date, we have had no complaints about the condition of our livestock after purchase.
  • All sales are final.  To ensure the safety of our herds, we cannot accept the return of any animal once it leaves the ranch. 
  • We assume no responsibility of livestock after it leaves our ranch, irrespective of whether a customer or designated transporter is responsible for shipment.
  • We can help organize shipment of your livestock to local USDA-approved slaughter houses or custom meat processors.  
  • We can suggest transporters, but we are in no way responsible for their service.  To date, we have had no problems in shipping our animals from the ranch.
  • If we transport your livestock, the conditions and cost of delivery will be agreed upon prior to transport.