Ranch Operations

This high desert, 400-acre working ranch has been in continuous operation since the 1880's and is located near Maupin in central Oregon. The ranch consists of fields of tillable land bordered by rocky patches with thousands of juniper trees and wild grasses. Because of the arid climate (about 11 to 13 inches per year) and our lack of irrigation, we practice dry farming of wheat. Our annual wheat yields range between 22 and 50 bushels (1,320 to 3,000 pounds, respectively) per acre - depending on the annual amount of rain and snow. We rely on the great farming abilities of the Duling family to manage our wheat operation. We are proud winners of blue and red ribbons at the Wasco County Fair for Best Soft White Wheat in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

In addition to raising wheat at the Hang Belly Ranch, we raise for sale three endangered breeds of heritage pigs: American Guinea Hog, American Mulefoot Hog, and Red Wattle Hog, as well as heritage pig-crosses and a few domestic Tibetan yaks. The beautiful Misty Helen Carter-Duling, an authentic rodeo queen, assists us with our livestock operation. She is assisted by Charles Duodna.

We also have lots of other critters to entertain us: dogs, horses, goats, llamas, geese, ducks, guinea hens, pigeons, chickens, and honey bees.

Our Livestock Raising Principles
Our livestock are raised in accordance with free-range and naturally-raised standards. The livestock are fed nothing artificial; only cut grasses, alfalfa, and grains not supplemented with any antibiotics. All of our livestock have access to fresh water. The yaks are allowed to roam and feed in open fields as much as possible. All livestock receive standard mineral supplementation, veterinarian care, and anti-parasitic infestation drugs and vaccinations to protect their health.